About Us

The Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario is a not-for-profit professional association which was newly formed to encompass the business of transcript production into its mandate and Constitution  to ensure professional standards are upheld through all aspects of court reporting,  transcript production and related services province-wide.   The PT•CRAO has incorporated the original principles developed by the CRAO in 1967 and will continue to build upon the foundation of those fundamental beliefs in order to meet consumer needs and technological advancements.   

Court reporting and transcript production at one time went hand in hand.   Since the implementation of the new province-wide transcription model in June 2014, the two roles have been separated.  And it’s clear after nearly three years, that if you were once a court reporter doing both jobs, these two skill sets are invaluable..   The PT•CRAO believes both court reporting and the business of independent transcription need to be treated equally in importance. and must both represent professional standards for the consumer equally.  The combination of these two professions are now represented in PT•CRAO membership.

For either side of the equation, it takes dedication and a specialized skill set not found in any other career to carry out the high standard of care and professionalism that is required to be a court reporter, or an independent transcriptionist, or to do both.  Many PT•CRAO members are both court reporters and independent transcriptionists.  All PT•CRAO members are committed to upholding the three principles  represented in the Constitution.

 Professional standards  ●  Best Practices  ●  Code of Conduct Protocols

The PT•CRAO will continue to offer accreditation testing for members to earn the designation of Certified Court Reporter, C.C.R. and is presently developing a testing model for members to earn the accreditation of Certified Professional Transcriptionist, C.P.T.  These two PT•CRAO accreditations are tangible ways for the consumer, or any stakeholder in the provincial justice system or the private sector, to measure excellence, experience, professional standards and conduct that is uniquely distinct from mainstream options.


Joanne Hardie, C.C.R.

President, Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario