Certified Court Reporter   C.C.R. Accreditation

The Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario is a self-regulating body which strives to maintain a high standard of professionalism within the field of court reporting and transcript production across the province.  Presently, the PT•CRAO provides a testing and certification process to ensure quality and consistency in court reporting.   Court reporters certified through the PT•CRAO are recognized by the legal community, courts, private firms and other governing bodies who employ court reporters.  The certification examination is available to all members in good standing who have been a practicing reporter for a minimum of six months.   The PT•CRAO does not provide training.  To be tested for C.C.R. accreditation, members must be fully trained.

Candidates are provided resource materials in advance of testing.  There is a written test covering basic grammar, spelling, legal terminology, definitions and more.  A score of 90 percent is required to pass. Your knowledge on recording procedures using up-to-date technology, as well as a transcription element, will be tested.  The passing grade for these two segments is 95 percent.

The Certification designation of C.C.R. immediately following a reporter's name indicates that the reporter has earned the C.C.R. (Certified Court Reporter) and have met the professional standard of testing and surpassed the minimum mainstream.   To retain this C.C.R. accreditation all reporters must be members in good standing of the PT•CRAO.  If membership lapses, the C.C.R. accreditation becomes null and void.  Please check PT•CRAO membership roster to verify accreditation and membership.

If you are considering C.C.R accreditation, the benefits are many.  It will become a valuable asset that illustrates your competitive edge in the marketplace to signify a profile of excellence and your commitment to professionalism in the court reporting field.  Your feeling of self-worth and accomplishment cannot be understated and denotes and promotes your expertise and professionalism in the court reporting field.  The C.C.R. designation by the PT•CRAO improves uniformity amongst court reporters and can be carried wherever you go.  Earning your C.C.R. designation is something to strive for – wear it proudly. 


Certified Professional Transcriptionist   C.P.T.  Accreditation

The PT•CRAO executive team is developing a very comprehensive testing model for Certified Professional Transcriptionist C.P.T. accreditation that would include such elements as transcription skills, customer service skills and time management.


FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT C.C.R  OR  C.P.T. ACCREDITATION PLEASE CONTACT Joanne Hardie - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.