Who We Are

The newly formed Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario is a not-for-profit professional association that made its first debut when introduced at the CRAO Annual General Meeting October 2016.  The core values and mandate of the PT•CRAO is formed from roots established in 1967 by the Court Reporters’ Association of Ontario.  The CRAO has stood the test of time over the past 50 years evolving to meet all the challenges of ever-changing practices and technologies as it travelled from the 20th Century to where we are now in the 21st.  You can well imagine the amount of change that the CRAO has had to adapt to in order to survive. 

As a natural part of transition and growth, the  PT•CRAO was created in order to have a stronger voice and to represent a broader base to include the business of transcript production so the consumer has a tangible way to measure excellence.  Court reporting and transcript production are two professions that go hand in hand.  They are professions that cannot stand alone nor stand apart from each other.

Officers elected by the membership of the PT•CRAO consists of:  President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Certification Examiner, [hereinafter referred to as the, ‘Executive’].  The PT•CRAO Executive team works together with the assistance of one admin staff person, and the resources of membership representatives as required.  The overall concept and mandate of the PT•CRAO is for our membership to represent a consistent and high standard of conduct and professionalism in the courtrooms and boardrooms of the Province of Ontario, and also to ensure verbatim certified transcripts are produced to the professional standard.  These core values and principles is what unifies our membership.   All the work done by the members of the PT•CRAO Executive team is volunteer.  There are no paid positions.

The PT•CRAO Executive team acts as a resource to our members if issues arise within their area of practice, or in the community where  they work, by assisting in gathering information through their combined expertise and consultation with membership representatives.   The PT•CRAO strives to speak for all of its diverse sectors of membership, and is committed to educating the public at large and other stakeholders in the legal community to ensure the importance and unique role of both professional court reporters and transcriptionists throughout this province is understood and valued. 



FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT APPLICATION FOR PT•CRAO MEMBERSHIP CONTACT Joanne Hardie - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.