ANNOUNCEMENT ● Moving forward together

The Executive Committee of the Court Reporters’ Association of Ontario is happy to announce that the CRAO has now officially changed its name to become the Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario.   This is not only a change in name but also a change in mandate, core principles and values in order to ensure professional standards for both court reporting and transcript production in the Province of Ontario are maintained.   PT•CRAO membership matters to the consumer because it is a tangible way to measure commitment to both the profession of court reporting and the profession transcript production.   Neither profession can stand alone or stand apart. 

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Transcriptionist List ● INFORMATION RELEASE

Commencing June 9, 2014 stakeholders and participants involved in all levels of court proceedings in the Province of Ontario will be able to choose a court transcriptionist of their choice from a website list operated by Arkley Professional Services  The search criteria to select a court transcriptionist can be entered by name, business, level of court, and location of proceedings. The list of names that pop up under the location search criteria, for example, are not listed alphabetically.  The reason for that is so the choice process is fair and balanced and not influenced or skewed by alphabetical order.  Individual profiles contain contact information, areas of practice and services provided.  The website is bilingual, contains relevant information, various documents, instructions and an electronic transcript order form accessible on the website.  If you don’t know the name of the court reporter of record, and you wish to contact that person, there are instructions on how to find and verify if the person is on the registered list or not.

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PT•CRAO Information ● Updates

Change happens together...

Over the past ten years court reporting in this province has evolved rapidly, both in technology and in the delivery of transcript production.   The PT•CRAO has been monitoring these changes  in technology and the marketplace in order to keep our membership as informed as possible.   To keep up with these rapid technological changes and to meet marketplace needs the PT•CRAO has had to change the way it delivers information, particularly in the way we communicate, not only to our members, but to the public at large, and to our colleagues in the legal community.    The PT•CRAO’s new website will be the first step in accomplishing this goal.

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