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Welcome to the NEW PT•CRAO Website!

If  you were searching for the CRAO website you might be wondering how you found yourself here.  It’s because the Court Reporters Association of Ontario has officially changed its mandate and its name to the Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario.  As part of strategic planning in advance of the implementation of the Ministry’s transcript production model, the CRAO Constitution was amended to include transcriptionists as part of its diverse membership base. It was a necessary amendment so that CRAO could become more inclusive and diverse in membership in order to ensure professional standards are met for consumer protection and quality assurance in all aspects of court reporting and transcript production in the Province of Ontario.

The PT•CRAO website was designed to invite the public at large and members of the legal community to get to know what the Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario is all about: the commitment our Executive team has to our members and the professions of court reporting and transcript production; how our membership is structured;  and to also educate the public and the legal community of the principles our members are committed to maintain in order to remain in good standing which are:

  Professional standards  ●  Best Practices  ●  Code of Conduct Protocols

 There are also many helpful resource links for the public to visit and for research purposes.   We will be adding content from time to time that you might find useful and would assist you in your research.   So, keep coming back to check in with us to look for news related to the profession of court reporting, transcript production and related services.   Also, please visit our roster list of members in good standing of the PT•CRAO to verify membership.

The PT•CRAO will continue testing court reporters to the professional standards for Certified Court Reporter, CCR accreditation, and we are in the midst of developing a testing model for transcriptionists to earn their accreditation as Certified Professional Transcriptionist, or CPT.

At the next Annual General Meeting in October 2017 the CRAO will be celebrating its 50th year of operation and will be officially welcoming the launch of the newly formed PT•CRAO


Joanne Hardie, C.C.R.

President, Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario