PT•CRAO Members in good standing


Lina Beard, C.C.R.

Eleanor Buck, C.C.R.

Elisabeth Burns, C.C.R

Beryl Capicciotti, C.C.R.

Lynn Carriere, C.C.R.

Lisa Crawford, C.C.R.

Dolores Daly 

Cheryl Driscoll

Annette Duquette, C.C.R.

Beth Gosselin, C.C.R.

Colleen Goupil, C.C.R.

Ruth Graham, C.C.R.

Joanne Hardie, C.C.R.

Tracy Kinach

Joanne Knapp, C.C.R.

Lynn Lamminen, C.C.R.

Linda Lebeau 

Laura Lee Mildon

Michael McLellan, C.C.R.

Monica Polley, C.C.R.

Kathy Porritt

Lisa Ruggiero, C.C.R.

Gloria Scheerer, C.C.R.

Debbie Soucy

Christine Stray, C.C.R.

Glynis Tucker, C.C.R.

Brenda Wakelin, C.C.R.

Amanda Walker, C.C.R.

Joan Walsh, C.C.R.


Names published with permission only. If you are a current member and would like your name listed and/or removed please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Verification of PT•CRAO membership and C.C.R. Designation

If you wish to verify PT•CRAO membership, or the authorization of use of the C.C.R. designation of any person or employee of an organization who does not appear on the PT•CRAO roster list, please contact our office by email at to confirm the status of any association, or membership to the PT•CRAO, and to verify the eligibility or proof of C.C.R. designation that might be represented on invoicing, certification pages, letterhead, websites, business cards, or any  other promotional, or marketing materials.