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The Executive Committee of the Court Reporters’ Association of Ontario is happy to announce that the CRAO has now officially changed its name to become the Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario.   This is not only a change in name but also a change in mandate, core principles and values in order to ensure professional standards for both court reporting and transcript production in the Province of Ontario are maintained.   PT•CRAO membership matters to the consumer because it is a tangible way to measure commitment to both the profession of court reporting and the profession transcript production.   Neither profession can stand alone or stand apart. 

 If one side of the profession fails, so will the other.   And it can be demonstrated in this way, if  high standards of skills and professional conduct of court reporters in courtrooms and boardrooms are not maintained, then transcript production becomes challenged.   Without strong court reporting skills,  the quality of the audio recording and any deficiencies in annotations will affect the ability of the transcriptionist to produce verbatim transcripts.   The PT•CRAO believes combining both professions into one association will ensure that professional standards are maintained equally for both sides of the equation and allows both professions to stand together in support of each other.

PT•CRAO accreditation for Certified Court Reporter, C.C.R. measures competence to the professional standard for court reporters.   The PT•CRAO is designing a new testing model for the accreditation of Certified Professional Transcriptionist, C.P.T.  which will be introduced in the Fall of 2017.

The PT•CRAO Executive team and our membership value what we have learned in the past 50 years as the CRAO, and we now look forward to continuing to make meaningful contributions to the profession of court reporting and transcript production as we move forward into the future.     



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