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Change happens together...

Over the past ten years court reporting in this province has evolved rapidly, both in technology and in the delivery of transcript production.   The PT•CRAO has been monitoring these changes  in technology and the marketplace in order to keep our membership as informed as possible.   To keep up with these rapid technological changes and to meet marketplace needs the PT•CRAO has had to change the way it delivers information, particularly in the way we communicate, not only to our members, but to the public at large, and to our colleagues in the legal community.    The PT•CRAO’s new website will be the first step in accomplishing this goal.

As a next step into the future, the PT•CRAO believes it could have a significant partnership role to play in the future of court reporting,  not only by certifying and training court reporters to a consistent province-wide standard, but to also ensure that consistent, high quality, verbatim certified transcripts continue to be produced through offering continuing learning opportunities and mentoring to its membership.   As a way to illustrate this higher standard in the profession of court reporting , the PT•CRAO is the only independent certifying body in the Province whereby its members can be tested to earn the designation of Certified Court Reporter, C.C.R.     Our members take great pride in the accomplishment that their overall learning experience affords them, through the assistance of the PT•CRAO,  to earn the C.C.R. designation that rests beside their name.

One of the PT•CRAO’s mandate is to promote the very important and significant role that court reporters  play in legal proceedings that take place every day throughout courtrooms and boardrooms in this Province.    The PT•CRAO recognizes in order to preserve the essential and integral values that are at the heart of  a  fair and balanced system of law, that the public at large and the legal community must also be informed and educated to fully appreciate why the expectations of quality, impartiality, and accuracy must be set to such a high professional standard.

As we enter a brand new year of operation, and  perhaps a whole new era of court reporting, the PT•CRAO Executive team is committed to keeping  you informed.   Please visit our PT•CRAO website often for further information updates.

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